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Computer Clinic

 Computer Clinic

The AKB Computer Clinic is held quarterly at Paradise Alliance Church 6491 Clark Rd., Paradise in room N202.

The Computer Clinic is held from 10am-Noon.  We will be discussing protection. There will be three main topics.

  • Virus Protection – This is probably one of the most common issues we see with computer systems. We will talk about antivirus programs, techniques to avoid viruses and how to clean up the viruses
  • Data Protection – The most important thing on your computer is your data. Your pictures, music, movies, etc. We will discuss different ways to back up that data.
  • Network protection – This is one of my favorite topics to discuss with families. You want to enjoy everything the internet has to offer but you don’t want the wrong stuff to flash in front of your children. We will discuss not just how to protect your network from cyber threats but also how to keep your families internet usage from getting out of control. We will cover a few different products that provide internet filtering and parental controls

From Noon to 2pm we will be holding our repair clinic. Bring your computer systems with whatever issues you may be facing with it and we will fix it.

If you are interested in signing up you can contact me at [email protected] or you can call the church office at (530)877-7069

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