Digital Life


Is your computer or laptop freezing up or crashing?

Are you having trouble staying connected to your home network?

Do you want to download an application to your phone but don’t know how?

What is the “Cloud”?

What is ‘Skyping?’


Being able to navigate in today’s digital world in no longer an option but a must.  Digital Life’s purpose is to help those who are technically challenged.  We want to ease the frustration of learning whether it be cell phones, laptops, desktops, printers, networking etc.  The learning process can be particularly challenging for the elderly who are new to the digital world.  Lite diagnostics and repairs are also available for those who cannot afford upgrade or purchase new technology.  Digital Life wants to help everyone cut through the geek speak of the technology realm and make their digital life a little more simple.


AKB Digital Life Ministry may be able to help; the first step is to request a telephone SERVICE CALL from one of our Digital Life team members by calling the AKB office at 566.2288.

If your issue cannot be resolved through a service call. A HOUSE CALL will be considered for on-site service*

Digital Life’s team leaders are vocationally experienced technicians who love Jesus Christ and are passionate about helping those in need with their technical expertise.

*Requires the completion of a Technology Services Application. Click here to download the application


Check out Computers for Classrooms!  Providing low-cost systems to those who qualify.

Computers for Classrooms